History Brought To Life

5th Grade History Assembly

5th Grade History Assembly: America Brought To Life

The America Brought To Life is a 5th grade history assembly that explores of one America’s most important time periods: events leading up to and including the American Revolution. And who is the student’s tour guide? None other than someone who was in the middle of it all…Paul Revere.

American Revolution
5th-grade-assembly11Students witness firsthand the important roles Paul Revere played in some of America’s most famous events:

Sons of Liberty: A group of artisans and shopkeepers, growing to over 2,000 men, who banned together to protest the parliamentary Stamp Act.

Boston Massacre: A tragedy taken place between the Colonists and British Soldiers that sparked a rebellion of the colonists and helped lead to the American Revolutionary War.
Boston Tea Party: A political protest by Boston colonists, in which they dumped three shiploads of tea into the Boston Harbor.

Midnight Ride to Lexington and Concord: An event in U.S. history that will always be remembered as a patriotic symbol of our country. Paul Revere, along with Joseph Warren and William Dawes partake in a midnight ride to warn the colonists that the British troops are coming.

5th grade students will now get the opportunity to see, hear and experience these events that led to the American Revolution and the birth of our Nation. Incorporated into the presentation are replicate silver pieces designed by Paul Revere himself.

Duration of Assembly
The America Brought To Life program is an exciting and interactive assembly that lasts approximately 1 hour.