History Brought To Life


Listen to what teachers and students have said about the 

History Brought To Life presentations…

Teacher at Valentine Elementary 

“We have enjoyed History Brought To Life’s performace for several years. They capture the students’ attention and holds them captive for the duration. They are perceptive with the audience, encouraging participation at opportune times. Enjoy!”

Emily (Student)

“You made a big impact on me today. I never knew how long and how much effort it took to win our freedom and independence from Britian. I will always remember this time of history because of you. I wish your act could have been longer. It felt like you really took us back in time.”

Teacher at Della Lindley Elemenetary

“You do such a wonderful job with the performance and the students really get a lot of information out of the assembly. The assembly is one we will continue to bring back for many years to come.”

Teacher at Brittan Elementary

“This is the 4th year we have had History Brought to Life. The teachers are impressed with their ability to communicate with the children. This is one of the best assemblies the school has offered the students.”

Aaron (Student)

“I thought to presentation was exciting, fun, funny, wonderful and it taught you things at the same time! I think we should have more of those kinds of presentations. In conclusion, you did a great job of putting together this wonderful presentation!”

Vice Principal at Rio Hondo Elementary

“History Brought To Life is really one of the best assemblies for providing accurate and pertinent information as well as being enteraining.”

Katie (Student)

“I like learning history the fun way. You were funny and great.”

Cameron (Student)

“It is important for people like you to come to the school because you help make learning fun.”

Kelly – Student

“I can’t say I had a favorite part because I thought the whole presentation was very exciting.”

Devine – Student

“It was weird because it felt like we were back in the Revolutionary War because Paul Revere was wearing the same clothes they wore back then. Mr. Greene’s business is important because it teaches us more about what they’re learning and why it’s important to not forget about it. Also so we can know why we do social studies.”

Kaitlyn – Student

“My favorite part was when you had the girls and boys go up to pan for gold.”

Camryn – Student

“Thank you for the beautiful pyrite. It’s on my shelf gleaming like a star. I would also like to thank you for squeezing in so much information into my brain. Now I can pass any test!”

4th Grade teachers at Courreges Elementary

“The hands on activity of panning for gold was an experience students will not forget. Also, the presentation was very interactive and included the students often. They felt that they got to participate and be a part of the history being presented. Thank you again for the phenomenal presentation. “

4th grade teacher San Elijo Elementary

“You are really able to cement the learning that we do in class. These are concepts my students will never forget (I know, because former students still talk about you presentation!)” Dean Faulkner – 4

Jane Englehardt – Terra Vista Elementary

“Thank you for coming to Terra Vista Elementary in Rancho Cucamonga and performing your “History Comes to Life” assembly. My fourth grade students thoroughly enjoyed all parts of the assembly.” Jane Englehardt – Terra Vista Elementary